• The Basis for Foundation

  • Based on Article 23 Provision 1 of the Veterinarian Act stating "Veterinarians shall found the Korean Veterinary Medical Association to pursue the properness of the veterinary work, research and dissemination of veterinary science, establishment of veterinarian's ethics as prescribed in the presidential decrees."

  • Purpose for Foundation

Medical Care Developing medical technology and improving the medical care service
animal welfare Developing the animal welfare
Legislation Participating in the enactment and emendment of relevant laws including the Veterinarian Act
Ethics Improving the member’s rights and member welfare and establishing the medical care ethics
Education Providing the education specially designed for members and inducing and operating local and overseas conferences
disease Strengthening the security of livestock and the quarantine of diseases (livestock diseases and zoonosis)
Exchange Making the veterinarian license mutually accepted among the nations and strengthening the exchange of the relevant work

  • Veterinarian’s Oath

  • I, as a veterinarian, hereby solemnly swear that :
  • I will contribute for the care of animal health, for the relief of pains from disease, and for the promotion of public health, with my entire professional veterinary knowledge, and that
  • I will accept as a lifelong obligation to study without cease both the conservation of livestock resources and the advancement of veterinary skills for the benefits of the national society, and that
  • I will practice my veterinary profession, faithfully and conscientiously, maintaining the dignity of the job and keeping the General Principles of veterinary
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